Siglent SDG-7000A-IQ IQ Signal Generator license

kr 31 075,00 kr 24 860,00

IQ modulation activation license SDG7000A series 

The SDG7000A can generate common modulation types of IQ signals: 2ASK, 4ASK, 8ASK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, DBPSK, DQPSK, OQPSK, D8PSK,8QAM, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM, 2FSK, 4FSK,8FSK, 16FSK, MSK, MultiTone, Custom

With the innovative resampling technology, excellent EVM performance can be obtained at any symbol rate between 250 S/s ~ 500 MS/s.

The built-in digital quadrature modulator can modulate the carrier of the IQ signal to any frequency between 0 Hz~1 GHz.

The EasyIQ software can be used to generate and edit various types of IQ signals.

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