UNI-T UTi120MS termokamera for iPhone

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Professional thermal camera for iPhone.

UTi120MS is a professional smartphone thermal camera module for iPhone, which is compact, portable, and easy to operate through iPhones. UTi120MS provides clear image with a fast response and can detect temperature up to 400℃. Users can troubleshoot HVAC problems or investigate heat source issues around the house faster and easier with this thermal camera module. It is a perfect tool for DIY homeowners, engineers, contractors and builders etc.

Features :

  • IR resolution: 120×90
  • Temperature measurement range: -20℃to 400℃  / -4℉ to 752 ℉
  • Auto alarm for high/low temperature
  • Auto tracking for hot spot/cold spot
  • On screen analyzer: Point 6/ Line 6/Rectangle 6/Circle 6
  • Image capture
  • Video recording
  • Image modes: Thermal, Fusion, PIP
  • Color palettes: 7(White hot, Black hot, Red hot Ironbow, Lava, Rainbow, Rainbow HC)
  • Phone: iPhone (USB LightningType-C interface)
  • 1m extension cable
  • 2m drop proof


Technical Data
IR resolution (Pixels) 120×90
Field of view(FOV) 50°×38°
Thermal sensitivity(NETD) ≤60mK  @25℃
Spatial resolution(IFOV) 7.3mrad
Frame rate ≤25Hz
Spectral range 8~14µm
Focus Focus free
Lens focal length 2.28mm
Temperature measurement range  -20℃ ~ 400℃
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater
Emissivity 0.01~1.00 adjustable (0.95 default)
Color palettes 7
(White hot, Lava, Ironbow,Black hot, Red hot, Rainbow, Rainbow HC)
Image modes Thermal,Fusion,PIP
On screen analyzer 6 Points/6 Lines/6 Rectangles/6 Circles
Hi/Lo temperature alarm
Video recording
General Characteristics
USB Lightning
Drop proof 1m
Image/Video storage format JPEG, MP4
Certificates CE,UKCA,FCC,RoHS,MFi
Product net weight 25g
Product size 53mm×18.2mm×18.5mm
Packing Details
Standard accessories English manual, Documents download operation guide card
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