UNI-T UT804 4 ¾ Multimeter

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Prisgunstig og enkelt multimeter.

Range Auto
Polarity Auto
Overloading Display OL (except at 4~20mA Loop range which display HI or LO)
Battery Deficiency Display


Tri Displays Analogue Bar Graph Primary: 40,000 counts Left Secondary: 4000 counts.Right Secondary: 4000 counts Bar Graph: 40 segments, updates 10 times / second
Backlight Bright backlight for clear readings in poorly lighted areas.
Autorange The Meter automatically selects best range
AC+DC True RMS, AC RMS Choices for AC only or AC+DC readings
Data Hold Holds readings on display
Continuity Beeper sounds for resistance readings below threshold.
Bar Graph 40 segments
Duty Cycle Measure signal on or off time in %.
MAX MIN Mode Record maximum and minimum
Battery Access Door Battery replaceable.



Ranges / Description

DC Voltage

0 to 1000V

AC Voltage, True RMS

0 to 1000V, 100kHz bandwidth

Basic Accuracy DC Voltage: 0.025%
AC Voltage: 0.4%
DC Current

0 to 10A (5~10A for 10 seconds, interval 15 minutes)

AC Current, True RMS

0 to 10A (5~10A for 10 seconds, interval 15 minutes)


0 to 40M


0 to 40m



Temperature -40oC~1000oC
STORE Readings Up to 9999 readings may be saved by the user in a memory.
These readings may be viewed by using Recall feature.




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