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UNI-T UT682 wire tracker consists of a transmitter and a receiver, it is able to track ethernet/telephone/power cables without opening their insulation and troubleshoot ethernet cables and is a recommended tool for debugging communication cables.

Specifications Range UT682
Wire tracking features Wire types LAN cable\telephone line\coaxial cable\electric wire
Indication light for signal strength
Live switchboard wire tracing
Switchboard wire tracing distance ≥100m
Telephone lines tracking distance ≥3000m
Unshielded cables tracking distance ≥320m
Shielded cables tracking distance ≥320m
Open and short circuit test
Polarity indication for
telelphone lines
DCV function, range:
Telephone lines and LAN cables distinction Jacks distinction
Broken wire tracking
Transmitter output voltage ≥12V peak-peak
Transmitter low battery indication 6.6V±0.5V
Transmitter power supply 9V battery
Max transmitter working current 25mA
Headphone jack for receiver
Receiver power supply 9V battery
Max receiver standby current ~10mA
Max receiver operating current <40mA (AC, RMS)
Wire alignment Line sequence measurement 9 LEDs (LED1~LED8, LED_G)
Line sequence measuring speed Fast and slow selectable
LAN cable: shielded/unshielded indication
Transmitter  input
voltage protection
  52V DC
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0~40℃; Storage temperature: -10~50℃
Operating humidity: 20~75%RH; Storage humidity: 10~90%RH; Altitude: ≤2000m
General Characterisitics
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight UT682: Transmitter-125g, receiver-153g; UT682D: Transmitter-150g, Receiver-130g
Product size UT682: Transmitter-125mm x 48mm x 28mm, receiver-195mm x 48mm x 30mm
Standard accessories 9V battery x 2, RJ11 cable (UT682), RJ45 cable (UT682), RJ11 cable with alligator clips (UT682)


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