Tekbox TBL0550-1 5uH 50A LISN

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60V / 50A 5µH  DC LISN

The TBL0550-1 5µH LISN is a device required to setup conducted noise measurements of DC-powered electronic equipment. It is designed to be used for measurements in the frequency range of 150kHz to 110 MHz according to CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR-25, EN55025, MIL-STD-461F, ISO11452-4 and with limitations DO-160/ED-14G and ISO 7637-2.
The LISN is inserted into the supply line of the DUT (Device Under Test). Conducted noise which is present at the supply terminals of the DUT can be measured at the BNC connector using a spectrum analyzer or a measurement receiver. The source (supply) terminal and the DUT terminal are decoupled by a 5µH inductor.
Two TBL0550-1 in combination with the Tekbox LISN Mate enable separate measurement of common mode and differential mode noise.

The unit comes equipped with mating connectors and ground brackets to attach it to a ground plane.

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