Siglent SSG6085A 100 KHz - 20 GHz RF Signalgenerator

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A high performance signal generator for cutting-edge testing of microwave and millimeter waves.

The Siglent SSG6000A is designed to provide high performance signal quality that meets the stringent requirements of the latest microwave and millimeter wave testing while extending customer value in size, speed, and cost.

Siglent SSG6000A Series RF Signal Generator supports AM and pulse modulation, pulse sequence generator, power meter control and other functions. With standard OCXO reference hardware module inside ensures high-precision and high stability signal output. It is not only an ideal local oscillator and clock source, but also a high-performance analog signal source suitable for applications in R&D and production. SIGLENT provides a total solution backed by proven reliability and our standard 3 years warranty plus pre-sale and post-sale support. Coupled with solid RF performance, a flexible and pure signal, the SSG6000A is a complete solution that makes a great addition to any RF engineer’s workbench kit.


Key Features

  • Frequency range 100 KHz - 20 GHz
  • Level setting range: -130 dBm ~ 24 dBm
  • Excellent Phase Noise: -135 dBc / Hz @ 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset (typ.)
  • Very low sub harmonic: < –80 dBc
  • Level error ≤ 0.7 dB (typ.)
  • Standard AM modulation with internal, external or Int+Ext source
  • Standard OCXO and step attenuator (0 to 110 dB, 10dB step)
  • Pulse modulation on/off ration > 80 dBc (typ.) and the rise/fall time < 15 ns (typ.) (option)
  • Pulse train generator has pulse width of 20 ns ~ 300 s and as many as 2047 different pulses (option)
  • Web browser remote control on PC and mobile terminals
  • 5 inch TFT capacitive touch screen, mouse and keyboard supported
  • Standard interface includes USB Host, USB Device (USB TMC), LAN (VXI-11, Socket, Telnet). Optional interface: GPIB

Download Siglent SSG6000A series datasheet

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