Siglent SDS3000X HD Power Analysis lisens

kr 12 490,00 kr 9 992,00

License to activate Power Analysis software option on Siglent SDS3000X HD Oscilloscopes.

Power Analysis option for Siglent SDS3000X HD

Power Analysis option help users to quickly measure and analyze a variety of items in the power electronics field, such as power quality, harmonics, inrush current, switching loss, etc., it can also be used to analyze the power loop response in combination with Bode Plot.

Power Analysis option is used to verify and debug power supply designs, by using a Using a combination of FFTs and arithmetic functions on current and voltage readings, important aspects of a power design can be analyzed, including safe operating area, harmonics, ripple, inrush current, and more.

Full use of the Power analysis requires a differential voltage probe, a current probe and  a deksew fixture like the SIGLENT DF2001A.

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