Micsig RCP500 Rogowski AC Current Probe, Max 300KHz, 500A

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The Micsig RCP500 Rogowski AC Current Probe measures AC current from 200mA pk up to 500A pk, with bandwidth ranging from 15Hz to 300KHz with a 1% accuracy, and less than 2mV noise.

For Micsig UPI interface and other oscilloscopes with included adapter.

  • Bandwidth 15Hz - 300KHz (-3dB )
  • Current Range 200mA (pk) - 500A (pk)
  • Output Sensitivity 10mV/A
  • Output Noise <2mV rms
  • Typical Accuracy 1%
  • Phase Accuracy ≤0.8° (45Hz-66Hz)
  • Offset Voltage ±1mV or below
  • Max. Voltage AC 10kV RMS (1 minute), (50Hz/60Hz) (Rogowski coil part only)
  • Conductor Under Test Diameter ≤Φ50mm
  • Power Supply Micsig UPI probe interface; Adapter (USB cable)
  • Conductor Positional Accuracy Within ±1% (Deviation from the Center)
  • Coil to Integrator Cable Length 2m
  • Operating Temperature -20-70°C
  • Operating Altitude ≤ 2000m
  • CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V or below.


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