Micsig MDP701 150MHz 700V differensiell probe

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Differensiell probe med høy ytelse/ lavt støynivå.

Originating from Micsig's cutting-edge SigOFITTM technology, the MDP series high-voltage differential probe has very low noise floor, excellent  amplitude-frequency characteristics and industry-leading common mode rejection capability, allow users to test high-frequency and high-voltage signals with ease.

Bandwidth: 150MHz

Differential Voltage (DC+AC PK) Max:  70V(20X) / 700V (200X)

CMRR: DC:>-80dB,  100kHz: >-60dB,  10MHz: >-30dB, 100MHz: >-26dB


5MHz Bandwidth Limit

When measuring FET switching frequency in most switching power supplies, MDP probe effectively eliminates high-frequency noise.

Quick Zero

Short-circuit the test leads, press Zero button, the probe can be zeroed very fast.

Dual Range Selection

Improves signal-to-noise ratio, meet more test requirements.

BNC Interface

Standard BNC interface, work with any oscilloscope.


Download Micsig MDP Brochure / datasheet

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