Joulescope JS110 Precision DC Energy Analyzer

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Bundle including USB and binding post frontpanel!

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The most affordable and easy-to-use precision DC energy analyzer, Perfect for low power IoT developers!

Special bundle including USB and binding post frontpanel!

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The affordable and easy-to-use instrument that enables you to create better, more energy-efficient products. Measure current from nanoamps to amps while simultaneously measuring voltage, power, and energy.

This product includes:

  • A Joulescope with installed banana jack front panel
  • 6' USB cable
  • T15 Torx screwdriver (for swapping the front panel)
  • Quick start guide
  • Sticker
  • Carrying case

Specifications summary:

  • -1V to 15V voltage range
  • -1A to 3A current range, continuous (10A pulses)
  • 1.5 nA resolution, equivalent to 32-bits of dynamic range
  • 250 kHz bandwidth with 2 million samples per second, 14-bit, simultaneous current and voltage
  • Rapid 1 μs switching between shunt resistors for seamless dynamic current measurement
  • Computes power and total energy
  • Sensor ports electrically isolated from USB
  • Works with Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac® OS X®, and Linux®
  • Open source software

See the Joulescope User's Guide for details.  

Download the latest software.

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