Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter

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The Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter allows one to interface their computer directly to hardware circuits. No more fumbling through development with cumbersome, clunky, out-dated adapters. Let your productivity soar to new heights!

With support for I2C, SPI, UART, 1-WIRE, SWI protocols all in one slim, robust package, it may even be the last adapter you’ll ever need...


The Binho Nova is ideal for manual testing during firmware development and debugging as well as a perfect way to automate hardware testing and validation.
A common use-case of this product in production environments is for EEPROM/Flash Memory programming along with functional testing activities.

Firmware Development
Proof of Concept Development
System Debugging
Automated Hardware Testing
Automated Firmware Testing
EEPROM Programming
FLASH Programming
FRAM Programming

Key Features
Support for SPI @ 12MHz max clock
Support for I2C @ 3.4MHz max clock
Support for UART @ 1000000 max baud
Support for Dallas 1-Wire
Support for Atmel Single-Wire Interface
Provides 3v3 and VUSBpower rails
1 x DAC Output, 5 x ADC Inputs
GPIO / Interrupt / PWM Support
Programmable RGB Status LED
Field-Upgradeable Device Firmware
Cross-platform Support for Windows, Mac, Linux
Robust, low-profile Aluminum Enclosure
USB Type-C Connector

What's included

Breadboard Breakout Adapter

USB type C (male) to type A (male) cable

soft-shell zippered case.

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